But those little princes still in their infancy, they have been able to walk for two years can talk to cute like a baby in front of rivalry Qinbo Zhang, the moment cartridge or the most favored prince.

19 Sep

  But those little princes still in their infancy, they have been able to walk for two years can talk to cute like a baby in front of rivalry Qinbo Zhang, the moment cartridge or the most favored prince.

  After the Qin Xuan here got an angry, Qinbo Zhang and other small column cartridge class will be called for a meal together, a small column carrying a bag in the past, father and son eating Qinbo Zhang would casually ask: “Are you in San House on a dignified?”
  Cartridges do not understand why he wanted to ask this, I thought he wanted to know rather palace servant Fubu Fu San discipline he does, he replied: “fun-filled all rely on third brother to eat it sent Xinxiang, the third brother in Fuchu natural majesty.”
  Qinbo Zhang gave him choking a little, not good then ask deep down, that when his father’s son to give reward people would be staring into the backyard and asked what his son had with a small column to talk about something else.
  Cartridge will not even notice what was wrong, and so after returning Fuchu, I heard the third brother to give reward people today Fu Huang, the third brother was refused, he would regain consciousness today dine with Fu Huang, the Fu Huang asked nOT true ‘third brother in your family you can have awesome’ is in fact the third brother asked him if he was not henpecked.
  Henpecked not be called to say, he said it was the third brother a couple of mutual respect, a small column also right in saying that the third brother, henpecked those cartridges have seen, they are often home to be screwed ear gossips, Sansao third brother would not twist the ear, can he Sansao gentle yet.
  After a bad pregnancy, Huan language will no longer go out to dinner, at home, do not invite others to guest Bai Yan, just her first child is insufficient experience, Yang husband sent several people came tocolysis some ingredients like herbs , she was kind enough to say a few things to note when pregnant.
  Laotai Jun Huan also personally run the trip with granddaughter talking Notes.
  Earlier Huan language she married to a woman and doctors understand the pharmacology of an experienced Mother, plus a wet nurse Huan language, care for a pregnant woman is good enough.
  If the mother is still Qin Xuan, daughter pregnant, nature does not require specially Laotai Jun Huan another trip, but no Fuchu ning on the elders older, they do not worry Huan Lao Taijun, came after careful Aberdeen fine told about it before leaving.
  Qin Xuan also own steal this time feeling to see some of the pregnant women of books and medical books in the library, but what is common in pregnant women with health-related books he still was able to understand, he does not look at medical books become, It’s so professional, he it is not a medical student expected, not so much time to learn.
  That time has not yet caesarean section, not even a lateral, Qin Xuan did not notice a thing before, now worried, but fortunately this language Huan pregnant more than a month, he still has time to develop some of the people out, a number of female doctors after all, a little foundation, should learn more than anything else people do not understand much better.
  But when caesarean section for people is disturbing, Qin Xuan only going to train a group of private hands out, and this time do not have access even Huan language, he must keep these people prevent, say, this time, the population is of strategic materials one kind.
  Caesarean section and lateral to reduce maternal mortality and infant stillborn probability, which for some is to enhance the role of the population, of course, is just the beginning do not see any great effect, and so can only be developed slowly in order to bear fruit.
  These are not anxious, talk about infant mortality, Qin Xuan can not help but think of vaccine, this time to do a modern vaccine that is simply nonsense, but not without sub-earth, such as smallpox, are now kind of ‘smallpox’.
  That is, with people who dyed smallpox scab, ground into powder, so that children infected with mild smallpox after exposure, and so good after the child will have antibodies in vivo, in the future no longer infected.
  But smallpox is not easy to get, this method can be used only a few rich families, ordinary people and even some poor people can feed themselves on the good, or not suffering, if suffering from smallpox can only hard carrying, have to worry about staining smallpox isolated or driven official.
  Some of the more cruel officials found themselves under the rule after it was infected with smallpox, worried that a large area of infected people will directly fire burned out, which is to be the source of infection in the bud.
  Cartridges before young, yet also came after Royal Park vaccination, Qinbo Zhang busy weekdays as a dog, did not notice this, Qin Xuan think of the little prince palace and杭州桑拿 other re-grow older, there are reminders of those harem concubines, he should be on notice.
  Qin Xuan did not want to wait till then, no one knows the future and take an earlier unexpected arrival, he needs to get vaccinia as soon as possible, to do a good job on the test cartridge species as soon as possible.
  Fortunately, there are a lot of cattle on Zi Xuan Qin, these cattle herders with all he had acquired during the autumn around the nearby royal hunting ground, all these years he also acquired a lot of cattle and sheep, is seriously looking to find Changdou cattle.
  He did not attend in person what road test immoral, and in past lives Vaccination is time-tested, in modern times, the early liberation are still using it, in fact, the risk is not great, but not this time Bale.
  He was elected, but also have a lot of mone南宁桑拿y money for poor people if it is safe to go back, a sum equivalent to windfall.
  After the test, Qin Xuan will dare this thing, goes to give Qinbo Zhang, but also to remind him that the vaccination of small column.
  With this thing, Qin Bozhang southern tour had to be postponed the issue, Qin Xuan also felt relieved, and she still was so busy that he can not be more Qinbo Zhang staring at her backyard, give him Cypriots, look, now earn promotion vaccinia folk reputation Qinbo Zhang’s busy enough.

18 Sep

  ”What you buy this hot cold medicine do?”

  ”Clerk recommended.”Huo Han replied Island.Although he is handsome in the body can emit low pressure, he did not take the initiative to say their condition, the clerk will not ask, and he recommended directly to the recent best-selling drugs.
  Ginger Jasmine reluctantly said: “Now is the summer, you say cold low-grade fever, possibly the clerk thought it was hot cold, but also not so bad, even worse hot cold, so be it, you stay at home, I go to the pharmacy nearby you buy medicine, the way you eat dinner yet?”
  Huo Island cold with ginger jasmine wanted to be alone for a while, sidewalk: “allow the driver to buy it.”
  Ginger jasmine snappily said, “still have to take medicine as soon as you g深圳桑拿按摩et your driver to go to buy medicine for sending over, then wait until when ah, now is the peak of traffic jams, well, there is a pharmacy in the vicinity of a home is.Looks at you should not eat dinner, I’ll get you to buy porridge.”
  Hall stared at her island cold.
  He has long, long time did not feel her concern, and even felt unreal, as if in a dream.
  Ginger Jasmine happily go out to the island Huo cold medicines plus buy dinner.
  Her front foot just out cold Huo Island a person sitting on the couch and sat for a moment, thought, and probably could not help trying to show off her well for him, he immediately made a telephone call to Yu Fan.
  After all, there is a time difference, Yu-fan moment just get up, see Huo Island cold called and thought it was a big deal, and quickly pick up, “he called me so early is there anything ah, be sure do not let me sit with my wife more than a dozen hours of the aircraft back to give you the opportunity to get along with manufacturing ah!”
  Even brothers, nor with so toss it, obviously Huo Island cold chase wife, but rather they follow these people suffer, people Officer?
  Huo Island cold silent for a moment and said: “Not.”
  Yu Fan sigh of relief, “That’s good.But what ah?”
  Huo Island good control of their cold tone, try plain, but still revealing his excellent mood, “I’m sick.”
  Yu Fan Oh sigh, “Here I suggest you see a doctor to take medicine injections oh.”
  He is not a medical student, even if a medical student, this across the Pacific, but also to help get what?
  Huo did not mind the cold island Yu-fan, then what itself Yu Fan said he did not listen carefully, continued: “Jasmine to see me, and now I go to buy medicine buy porridge.”
  Yu sail by a cry, “you are out for a long time to show affection, ah, but your kid solid two ah, which coaxed jasmine composite with you?Can not tell you were a master.”
  He thought it was a cold Huo Island bronze, never expected that the other party is actually a king.
  Huo Island cold did not excuse, but said: “One more thing, before I call with jasmine, with rain Xuan said you have to buy her a gift on my birthday here, a bag, you remember the rhetoric about unity, not to mention drain the mouth.”
  Yu-fan said something raped, “You told me how rain Xuan said, I gave her girlfriends to buy a bag, she’ll let me buy a table.”
  Huo Island faint cold tone, “This is what you need to consider things.”
  What is wrong friends, this is the!
  The other side, ginger jasmine came to the pharmacy, to buy cold medicine Huo Island.Anyway, so late, she is also estimated to stay with dinner with cold Huo island, car and Xiaoxiao grandmother’s cooking, just heat it enough, but it seems some of the dishes are not suitable for the patient to eat, so she played to the hotel near the phone and call some light dishes are porridge.
  Although she did not dare to buy diet pills at the mall, but did not gain weight these days of flying self in the diet, but also thanks to the enzymes in the market place.The effect of this stuff just like in real life businesses blow it, although there is no weight loss, but at least not gain weight eating.Of course not gain weight, but also because there are ginger jasmine movement, her basal metabolism high, these days, is not overeating, daily intake of calories is in a range where it did not gain weight is normal.

17 Sep

  Even if she did not want Jing and Lu Yan have any particular intersection, but out of human nature, the late cherry or anxious.

  She quickly put Lu Jing Yan’s body flat.Because too close, can feel his late cherryBreathing is also very hot, intentionally or unintentionally sprayed on her body.Not only are no other men often exudes a heavy tobacco smell disgusting, it seems there is an extremely pale mint.
  Lu Jing Yan Yan sleep pretty quiet, contours softer than usual.But his brow wrinkled like a very tight as usual, as if bathed with intractable mind.
  Chi Ying anxious to find drugs.She ventured to the cabin on the table things even find over and over, can there really is no provision of any drug.
  Deeper place she do not dare turn.
  Finally, late cherry just found a jacket, cap Jing Lu in the words of the abdomen.
  Mountain dark that even the moon are not only straight rain washed the floor.Space not far mountains guhuai forest, because rain curtain fabric too close, have not see the real.
  Sakura did not feel a burst of late Senleng meaning from the ground.
  Originally spend the night here is very safe, but Lu Jing Yan sick.Although a minor fever, but his body temperature is not low, if not timely medication linked to water, there will be some risk.She thought of the day in his Face is very pale, maybe she does not know what Yin Ji.
  Chi Ying thought, decided to make a phone call to Jiang Chong, maybe he knows how to do, or know which drugs may be placed.
  She already ventured to touch the body of Lu Jing Yan, Lu Jing venture to thumb through the words of the plane, now and then ventured to borrow his cell phone.She thought she should be doing the right thing now, will let myself Poguanposhuai the.
  Chi Ying carefully put his cell phone is taken out from the bottom of the file, you can see that the owner was properly and protect the heart, the screen clean and have even a trace of scrat北京洗浴ches are not.
  She pressed the power button, the screen lit up.Lock screen message bar has a care guide of news, Lu Jing words to his remarks turned out to be “far Chen”.
  ”Chen far,” said, “Well, I know.”
  As to unlock the lock screen, a password is required.
  She should not casually try.
  After the failed several times, late cherry do not know where’s the confidence that she is, is where the courage, keep our noses into the scalp lost eight digital.
  Why can answer why is her birthday.
  Her hands shaking a bit.
  Chi Yan Jing Lu Ying almost put woke up, he should not have put her in such an important position.
  He was a whim it?Are you serious?Shu and white is because not too much contact with it?It made her how to do?Fortunately, emotionally, her mind still is quiet wave, which let her have a better control of the situation.
  Sakura no later than look through his cell phone, she did not pry into the privacy of others habits.Even if this phone owner and is closely related to her fate, she would not do something to make her feel uneasy.

16 Sep

  Yu rumor suddenly afraid, and great sorrow in my heart, want to hold back her clenched teeth off, but violent emotions finally broke through his mind, she burst into tears.

  Between heaven and earth, and sometimes only her crying.Bird cliff in the forest are alarmed cries, trickle the fly; curious animals gathered in the cliff looked up warily looked at this strange, loud sounds can be new species.
  Two memories intertwined, is part of the indoctrination came, in part, after crossing her real experience.
  No matter which part, she never thought he would die.
  Even if she had sent him to prison over Keli Fu was, she had not imagined his death.Then perhaps some self-deception, because he really might die in prison, but for her, at least she ca南宁桑拿n not see.
  In her subconscious, she did not accept his death.
  But now he is dead.
  He died on this planet, human origins, the planet she knew so well.
  He died very unsympathetic, crisp, not too many last words, nothing too much nostalgia.
  Indeed, because he was afraid it endangers all of humanity, but now the face of his body, she suddenly very self-blame.
  If she did not force him to pick up what Ani heart, things will not be so.
  Or, if she did not put him in prison, things probably will not like this.
  At least, he will be more than a little nostalgia of it, there is life there is nostalgia.
  But now, he was so dead.
  He obviously is a good person so.
  Yu ballad wailing, crying to limb weakness, tears have dried up.
  She exhausted to get up, look around stiffly thoughts, my mind is only a stubbornly idea: have to find a place to bury him.
  He could be buried in the cemetery of the royal family, the space or conduct a funeral, the body slowly pushed into the vastness of the universe, and then gradually into the gravel in the universe operation, integrated with the universe.
  But now, he died on Earth.The once-booming now barren planet, the conditions did not allow her to preserve dead bodies to come to the rescue of the time, she could only put him buried here.
  Wiped away tears, Yu rumors returned evacuation spare room.
  This survival shovel basic equipment spare room naturally, but she also found a simple robot can automatically lift the shovel, but thought, then put down.
  This she can do for him is the last thing, and after this done, she probably will soon return twenty-first century, it was what she should personally completed.
  He took the shovel out, away from the risk of excavation at the rumor of suicide Ya Erlin near.
  This process is much more difficult than expected, good loose soil dug only the top layer, the following was soon stiff, and it increasingly hard.
  Often only a shovel to knoc上海夜网k down some of the pulverizer, to knock several times and then shovel some earth.

15 Sep

  ”Where’s your bread?”Baisu Qin see the big sweet bread, Yan Zhao saliva asked:” What man of you?”

  ”Ok.”Do not want a small street stall for time,” eat fast, and if so on the dead old woman came in, we have to suffer.”
  Baisu Qin Tian also afraid of his wife to catch the current, Mo asked one small street and ate two Ah no, after obtaining nod, Baisu Qin will eat the bread of thirty-five.
  Mo small street to her pour a glass of cold water, Baisu Qin drinking cold water, suddenly laughed, “Big Ah, your mother thought, and they put you if you dare Shen Tong, we fight, we die and her daughter also died a few piece.”
  Last night drinking chicken soup, ate bread this morning, dead but also the value, anyway Tian day was more dead than alive, if not a large Ah, this day did not even have to look forward, not waiting to fight two Ah grow up count on it?
  Tian she suffered in so much pain, so she is really big Ah ate good, she will not give up the big Hell.
  To be born with birth, death to die together!
  Baisu Qin cloudy eyes suddenly light up fine.
  ”Mother, not so serious.”Suddenly saw her mother desperately looking for a way, some want to laugh Mo small street.
  Ate bread is made up of energy?Not a sign of weakness?
  ”Ah, the ship to cross the bridge.”Baisu Qin drastic Road.
  ”Squeak.”Door was open.
  Tian old woman came in first, followed afterwards by Tianyou Gui and Yang Jiarong lifted coffins come in, he said to be the coffin, as it is a few pieces of sheet set a good wooden box, Tian family conscience ah, really rotten.
  ”Baisu Qin, you put into it Yun Shu.”Tian old woman came in and airs meddling command channel” There are expensive, you go to the village to call four people, the mountain lift Yun Shu dig a hole and buried, if they do not come you called, you write down the name to see who would not be lifted.”
  ”I’ll go, Mother!”Tianyou Gui Yang Jiarong put down the coffin and went out, who did not dare to look situ determination of corpse.
  Tian old woman also think that gloomy room, a guilty conscience called the Cold War, drinking red Baisu Qin sentence “You hurry up!Go away, ready for people to go back to your room, looking bad luck.”
  ”You are bad luck too afraid to come to you it Sanniang?”Mo small street quipped.
  ”You’re a dead money-losing!”Tian this old woman want to go, I did not realize this short-lived Xiaojian hoof and contradict her, where gas is too, could find the next, can not find something called hand, he had grabbed a stool throwing in the past.
  ”San Niang, Tian old woman hit me!You have to help me take revenge ah.”Do not dodge to avoid the small street, and shouted.
  Tian old woman had wanted to fight, but she was really afraid of ghosts, pointing to a small street curse Lie Lie Mo Road, “I’ll let you go, you will not live long anyway, and广州桑拿网 so you died, I went to ask Taoist master you received the soul, so that they can never bounce back.”
  ”Then you’d better go quickly, please, or San Niang tonight, maybe it will come to you, is not it?San Niang.”Mo situ determination of a small street in front of the bodies of intentionally Road.

  ☆, twenty-four chapters laugh out

14 Sep

  Fang fennel wiped tears unwarranted “, perhaps because pregnancy is easy mood swings, like cranky, always feel around you so many good women, then you could give me a cuckold it.”

  Yu Wen Qian stared at her for a long time, suddenly laughed, “This world apart side fennel, another woman I do not.”
  Fang Yi Zheng fennel, softened in his arms the body, is it, she’s Yu Wen Qian but not to anyone except her, how could love another woman?
  He looked down: “If I really do that kind of thing, what would you?”
  Fang fennel startled, “how can you like?Certainly you raped and killed ah!”
  ”.OK, you gave me show you.”
  The next day, Yu Wen Qian and dressed very decent, Fang fennel seeing asked: “Today again out party?”
  ”Ah, give college students do welcome.”
  ”Is that senior sister apprentice?”
  Yu Wen Qian eyebrow, smiled be the default, Fang fennel with lemon essence upper body, but then I thought, ‘Who is she?She is the kind of mercy at home waiting for her husband’s yellow face it?Need it in this self-pity?Speaking on her this char南宁桑拿m, a sense of crisis should be Yu Wen Qian fishes.
  Fang fennel suddenly faint smile: “coincidence, I’m going to participate in reunions, students at this stage there are several former crush my classmates, this time I have to send a message to call the past, my husband at night might Some came back late, you do not wait for me.”
  Yu Wen Qian tie the hands meal, he raised his eyes, “you’re going to homecoming?”
  ”Yes ah, everyone wanted me to go, said to be the gang of high school students have not seen, and some of our young people meet together always want to play late at night we could go to the bar, you play with your husband to have fun point oh.”Then, Fang fennel reveal a sincere smile, this smile with the greatest blessing of her husband.
  Yu Wen Qian furrowed brow, the whole body of the gas field immediately cool down, a pair of eyes staring at nothing emotional side fennel.
  ”You’re with child, whether to go to this occasion too inappropriate?”
  ”How inappropriate, security problem, I will be more careful, I will take care of my classmates, they are very nice to me before you, you will do well husband.”Fang fennel Having waved his hand.
  This morning, all executives Yu’s sensitive CEOs felt very bad mood, this feeling is very intuitive, after all, the whole morning, Yu Wen Qian are sullen cold, low air pressure during a meeting room, the atmosphere we do not a dare, are waiting for his reprimand, but his negative feelings unpredictable, no one can glimpse into his real thoughts, so we all guessed, Yu total which in the end is how the?Is sexual disharmony?
  Not ah, the pregnant wife, Yu wife so beautiful, how could such a thing happen?
  Out of the meeting, Yu Wen Qian back to the office to look at the phone, in the past this time the party fennel will give him a message, a message can actually did not today, he suffered a long time had had enough to open the video to a side fennel, fennel other end side sit in the middle of a public classmate, Zhongxingpengyue, being taken care of like a little princess, just open the video suddenly a black, square fennel sent a text over: “my husband told my classmates were talking of it, not too convenient access video, go home at night chat Oh, Mody Mody da.”
  Yu Wen Qian hands of the pen suddenly be broken, his face Lengsen staring at the phone, in the eyes of hostility can help people to eliminate Taking, swallowed when chime in, Hsin Tao Fang Yu gave fennel is not always under the insanity?

13 Sep

  Howling autumn wind in the branches hanging crumbling leaves, north moment.Beijing appeared dim light like the only “heating”.

  Cheng Su Su consideration for several days, finally decided to studio named “Italian”.
  She felt very good, and even feel quite meaningless.
  This little girl’s mind in the eyes of bell-making is another big thing, Cheng Su Su came to the plate holding the bell to discuss policy when policy bell shook his gold-framed glasses, Min Zhaochun silent a moment, then chuckled and said: “Is not the tea shop its name?”
  Cheng Su Su: “.”
  Is indeed a bit, but the wise man does not say in relation to see through broken ah!
  Cheng Su Su was angry with him speec苏州夜网hless, take a deep breath a few times, mercilessly cut out his eyes.
  Little guy sleep early today, only he opened the bedroom wall lamp light, mixed with silver moonlight softened time.
  Quiet for a moment.
  Clock-making process closer Su Su, breaking her hand and looked away in the face, eyes collided, he Coushang, kissed Cheng Su Su mouth.
  Zhicuojiugai, “Fine, then you can direct to son.”
  Su Su Cheng touched the face feeling a little oil, pumping the wet tissue looks white in the suction carefully, stopped by the anger of his sentence: “not serious.”
  See he still has his job, Cheng Su Su simply do not bother him.
  She was holding the plate, lay rocking chair next door, shake ah shake, shake ah Akira.
  Akira edge side to find “like-minded” junior partner search for acceptance.
  She was the only work group and Yue Yu,南宁桑拿 Xue Fei three people.
  After her question thrown to, first silence, After about two minutes, Xue Fei pull out of respect: it can [.] “.”What can it?
  Really not good?Cheng Su Su laugh and cry over his face.

12 Sep

  Nguyen Chu Wei-Ming stays in Enron’s fingers moved his shoulders.

  Then, gently, gently stroked Nguyen Enron’s shot from the side.
  This girl really is his angel.
  Nguyen wake of Enron, is just right to land the aircraft immediately.
  After waking up when it is not yet fully awake like people that watched bleary-eyed look, people inside is a very satisfying thing.Chu Wei Ming smiled, unscrew the bottle of honey citron tea safely handed over to Nguyen: “Enron is not thirsty?”
  Nguyen Enron is a bit thirsty.She paused, accepted Chu Wei Ming kindness: “Thank you.”
  Chu Wei Ming laugh: “I’m not saying do not.”
  Well, beating, slowly.
  The plane went to the studio, Luo YingChu Wei Ming saw when the people are stiff, and Chu Wei Chong Ming smiled and waved to greet her when Luo Ying nearly fainted.
  Luo Ying got to wait until the Enron Ruan Wei Ming Chu gave her signature,苏州桑拿 she had choked voice: “trained, trained, trained,.”
  Nguyen Enron: “.”
  Nguyen did not overtake Star Enron is not very able to understand this series of reactions own assistants.
  To the crew, Nguyen Enron just settled, Chu Wei Ming took the initiative to come, personally took her to see a lot of people.
  Nguyen Enron began a little bit not understood Chu Wei Ming is doing this, but Nguyen Enron quickly respond over – Chu Wei Ming This is with her many chiefs mix with the crew inside a Lian Shu.
  This way, Chu Wei Ming not only tell these chiefs, Nguyen Enron is with his people, so that these chiefs look on his face Enron to pay more attention to Nguyen point, but also Chu Wei Ming in line to ride safely Nguyen introduction resources, know these big brother, Nguyen Enron future career benefits of self-evident.
  Chu allow people to 苏州桑拿visit the actor himself with chiefs, that every industry is a natural Dingdingyouming Daniel.The usual star performers and even be able to get to know one, I am afraid to be grateful excited, but Chu Wei Ming is so mundane to take a deep breath to get to know a bunch of Enron Nguyen.
  Nguyen Enron: “.”

11 Sep

  Speaking of which, could not stop the closure Qianyang want to laugh, “you do not know shout hey, Shen brother saw the girl face was blue.”

  Chen Mingyu million flowers there too, thought he was cool to go, but do not want to have when the ball dropped.
  ”I heard that the girl was petite top students, and occasionally Shen brother know before, the two quickly in love, the love of money less than a month was sent a unilaterally broke up.”
  Chen Mingyu man playing fine, co-authored been dating the girl for a month, this girl did not even know what Chen Mingyu real name, people disappeared and later Chen Mingyu, looking for can not find.
  Originally this thing so later, who knows this girl actually found Chen Mingy深圳桑拿网u, also found less than a dinner Shen touched up, saw Shen Mingyu rushed in to shout “slag male.”
  So the day Jishihaoren, witnessed a wonderful drama of Chen Shimei.
  It is said that day, Shen brother’s face with black like Bao.
  Deceive simple girl’s feelings, now people came to the door, Chen Mingyu last time was almost broken a leg, this time Zhibuding really was interrupted by a leg.
  Feng Qianyang “Gee” twice “That girl is terrible, except the last, Shen brother sister really did not find the car turned, the direct rollover turn to the gutter.”
  Tang Tang listening, refreshing.
  When out to dinner that day, how she did not think Chen Mingyu actually rub her legs with the toe, Tang Tang at once from the goose bumps.
  There are people on either table, and Chen Mingyu Yan and Ming little good relationship, she’s really looking for the police accused him of harassment Hing.
  Something not too.
  And at the moment of Chen Mingyu, really miserable.
  This girl is looking for him to trumpet great mentor when met, when driving past, a handsome girl wearing a white dress in the shade, Chen Mingyu car poured back.
  Wen Wen brings tears of a little girl, never said a word out loud, who would have thought could be so ruthless!
  Shen has a bar whip, is a former Big Brother Shen Shen father smoked, but Shen brother obedient, it never used the whip a few times, actually became a common tool pumping Shen brother of Chen Mingyu.
  The hands-on than the last Big Brother Shen also ruthless, but finally could not stand Shen sister stopped by, but nevertheless, Chen Mingyu the near future is not even think to go out.
  Lost people could not leave not the worst, and the worst thing is, the next day Chen Mingyu also “sick in bed”, Shen Shen brother entrusted sister, began to choose a wife Chen Mingyu.
  By Shen brother’s words, Chen Mingyu this character, married to law-abiding down, so be sure to let Shen sister to find a forceful personality, the energy of the system is maintained Chen Mingyu.
  Chen Mingyu this was a panic, shouting sister sister-in-law of a Chase, who watched the daughter of his sister-in-law to pick have to cry.

10 Sep

  Compared to cross land, the Soviet Union rain just know, like if a person is married with him, and then a little baby born, then spend a lifetime.

  Man is clearly not satisfied, “If I told Mother that at the same time fell into the water, you who saved?”
  Many men are embarrassed century there has been a big problem.
  Su rain look silly expression, “of course, save the Mother.Mother older, not long in the water.”
  ”Oh, that solitary on rough skin and flesh, can be submerged in the water soak in six hundred years?”
  ”That, that His Majesty else for me to save Mother?”
  You fucking shut up.
  Suddenly, the man raised his hand苏州桑拿 toward the Soviet Union rain.
  ”what.”The little girl fear gripping her small head.
  ”Pa Pa Pa” three times.
  Su rain with one eye open, “Your Majesty, how do you beat yourself oh?”
  ”I hurt, you should not feel bad it?”The man raised his own arm was beaten red.
  Su rain thought, bite the bullet and said: “Oh,.”And then under the tyrant murder of sight, he pursed mouth to mouth ‘whirring’ a bit.
  ”If you do not feel bad I, I put myself killed.”
  ”That, that can be serious.”
  Su rain felt like mad tyrant only grew worse.
  How the brain than her appearance is not good?

Chapter 76
  ”Mom, old lady who?I have to seek justice!Su Rong Yi can not because a man, I put our family harms ah!”Su Rong Yu spent crying face makeup, pulled their own mother personally hold.
  Su Rong Yu her mother is not assertive, “the old lady out, in the end what do you do ah?”